Pet Not Eating? Do This

By Dr.  Andrew Jones   Pet Not Eating?  Do This What is Inappetance? This can be a decrease in appetite, or it can be that your dog or cat completely stops eating. If this has persisted, then your pet may … Continued

Recurring Ear Infections

Posted by Dr Andrew Jones Today’s article covers recurring dog ear infections. They have many causes, which then require many potential things to prevent them from coming back. In my opinion, a quality supplement with a variety of anti-allergy, anti-itch … Continued

Recurring Dog Ear Infections

  By Dr Andrew Jones Recurring Dog Ear Infections Does your Dog get recurring ear infections? This newsletter contains some new treatments in terms of treating ear infections at home. In fact one of the MOST common reason I saw … Continued

Antibiotic Use

–Originally published by Dr Andrew Jones   Antibiotic use has more unwanted effects than previously thought Source: Medical News Today, Catharine Paddock PhD Here’s the quick summary in a nutshell.. 1. Antibiotic use is widespread – around 40% of adults … Continued

  Why Your Pet’s Allergies Are Getting Worse – and 7 Ways to Help Stop Them in Their Tracks August 07, 2016 | 38,217 views | By Dr. Becker Humans who suffer from seasonal allergies usually have symptoms involving the … Continued

Why Processed Foods May Promote Gut Inflammation

    Why Processed Foods May Promote Gut Inflammation Source: Rachael Rettner, Certain food additives may interfere with your gut bacteria, causing changes that boost inflammation in the intestines and potentially promote the development of some chronic diseases, a new … Continued