Therapeutic Diets designed to help alleviate your dog’s condition


GI Formulation

A blend of whole foods which help aid in digestion.  This blend is designed to help dogs subject to a sensitive stomach or mild gastrointestinal upset. 


Digestive Reset

A mild formulation designed to help with the occasional onset of diarrhea.



Weight Loss Formulation

A light calorie and light fat formulation designed to help overweight dogs loose excess weight.  This formulation can be mixed with a kibble but for best results feed your dog 100% of the Weight Loss Formulation until your dog reaches the desired weight.


Allergy Relief Formulations


A proper diet can help alleviate discomfort for dogs suffering from food and environmental allergies.

We use goat meat in our formulations since most dogs in the United States have not been exposed to it.  Our Allergy Relief Formulation is available with and without grains.  If your dog is suffering from environmental allergies a proper diet will help strengthen the immune system thus helping to alleviate symptoms associated with seasonal allergies.

If you notice an ingredient in these formulations that your dog is allergic to please contact the deli to have a custom allergy formulation prepared for your dog.  Pricing for custom orders varies by ingredients.

Low Phosphorus Formulation

Contains foods with reduced phosphorus and increased omega-3s which help to maintain healthy kidney function. $5.90/lb (custom order only) please call the Deli at 407-505-2839

Low Protein Formulation

Custom order only.  Please call the Deli at 407-505-2839

Diabetic Formulation

A blend of foods which help to avoid spikes in the glycemic index

Call for price

Cancer Support Formulation

This formulation is designed to support dogs undergoing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. This formulation contains foods which naturally help aid the immune system fight cancer and the symptoms associated with cancer treatment.

Customized diets are also available. Please contact Rick’s Dog Deli directly to explore a variety of options. Call for price