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  • Kidney Support
  • Kidney Support

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An estimated 1 in 10 dogs will experience kidney disease in their lifetime. Our Kidney Support meal formulation is the perfect choice for dogs that require a high-moisture, low-phosphorus dog food that’s nutritious, natural, and—above all—delicious. This formulation has approximately 663 calories per pound.

If your dog is suffering from kidney disease or other renal problems, a low-phosphorus dog food is the best option.

Why Low-Phosphorus Dog Food?

All dogs need phosphorus in their diet, but too much of it can cause their kidneys to work too hard. Finding the right kidney diet for dogs means finding the right balance: low-phosphorus and high-moisture.

The best renal diets for dogs should focus on keeping your dog hydrated. Dehydration makes it difficult for the kidneys to remove toxins and excess phosphorus from the blood.

Our Kidney Support dog food includes only ingredients that help your dog’s kidneys remove toxins. Plus, it’s high in moisture, unlike dry kibble, and low in phosphorus.

The Best Kidney Diet for Dogs

At Rick’s Dog Deli, we don’t just want your dogs to enjoy their food. We want them to thrive on it!

At Rick’s Dog Deli, our focus is on high-quality, human-grade nutrition that’s uniquely formulated for your dog’s specific health needs. Most kidney care dog food is highly-processed and doesn’t address your dog’s total-body health.

Rick’s Kidney Support is a non-prescription, low-phosphorus dog food that will alleviate kidney symptoms in the most natural way possible. And what’s more: dogs love it!