Therapeutic Meals

Therapeutic Diets designed to help alleviate your dog's condition.

Obesity, diabetes, and cancer can all be related to processed foods in the human diet. If you feed your dog processed commercial foods, one can expect the same results as a human eating nothing but processed foods. Quality whole foods and proper nutrition will give your pet a more fulfilling life than any pharmaceutical. At Rick's Dog Deli we combine simple, whole, and fresh foods that provide excellent health benefits to your best friend.

Need help determining which food is best for your dog's condition? We have more info on each option

Other formulations available as custom orders:

Low Phosphorus Formulation (Kidney Diet)

Contains foods with reduced phosphorus and increased omega-3s which help to maintain healthy kidney function. Call for pricing (custom order only) please call the Deli at 407-505-2839.

Low Protein Formulation (Pancreatitis, Liver Support)

Custom order only. Please call the Deli at 407-505-2839.

Diabetic Formulation

A blend of foods which helps to avoid spikes in the blood glucose level. Call for price.

Cancer Support Formulation

This formulation is designed to support dogs undergoing cancer treatments such as chemotherapy. This formulation contains foods which naturally help aid the immune system fight cancer and the symptoms associated with cancer treatment.