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Quality Sourcing

Rick's Dog Deli only sources the best available human-grade ingredients. Our trusted suppliers such as Sysco, Cheney Brothers, and Harvest Meats, are the same as most quality restaurants in Florida.

USDA Inspected

All the foods we buy are USDA inspected and approved for human consumption. The meats we use are raised and processed in the United States. Our vegetables come from California, Mexico, or Central America.

food in bowl

All food is prepared in our open kitchen and is prepared following HACCP standards just like a quality restaurant would follow.  Since our ingredients are cooked to human standards the chance of a bacterial transmission such as ecoli or salmonella is eliminated.  Once the food is prepared we quick freeze it to minus 10 degrees to lock in freshness. 

Rick’s Dog Deli has researched 100’s of breeds of dogs and has developed hundreds of recipes which are either geared towards the nutritional needs of the breed or therapeutic in nature.  At the time most breeds of dogs were developed refrigeration and transportation were nonexistent.  People ate what was grown locally and so did their dogs.  Rick’s Dog Deli subscribes to this simple principle when designing diets.  What we have found is particular breeds of dogs have particular dietary needs and one formulation simply cannot cover all dogs.