Therapeutic Dog Food Without a Prescription

When your dog feels better, you feel better

If your dog is dealing with a long-term or chronic disease, their health relies heavily on their diet. If your dog’s veterinarian has recommended a prescription dog food, you might be overwhelmed or confused by all the options on the market. But there is a better way.

A Rick’s Dog Deli diet provides the optimum nutrition for your canine companion and can be customized for their unique breed and health concerns. We use 100% whole foods which are therapeutic in nature.  For example, we use ginger and natural ingredients in our GI Formulation which help ease digestion.


Real Nutrition

Just like people, dogs experience a marked improvement in their health when they switch to a wholesome diet consisting of real ingredients. Our all-natural, unprocessed dog food formulations are made in Florida from human-grade meats, grains (or grain-free), fruits, and vegetables.

Vet Recommended

The outstanding nutritional quality of our meals has given Rick’s Dog Deli a high reputation among vets in the State of Florida. We will even work with your vet’s recommendations to customize a diet that is unique to your dog.

Great Tasting

The most effective prescription dog food in the world won’t be able to make a difference to your dog’s health if they won’t eat it. This is never a problem for our customers. Rick’s Dog Deli makes only human-quality food that your dog will love.

No Prescription Needed

Our meal formulations contain no medications, so you never have to worry about unpleasant side effects. We will never require a prescription to purchase any of our meals. We believe that real, wholesome nutrition should be available to all dogs, regardless of their medical background.

Proven Results

For example, Jake came to us in 2012.  He was diagnosed with Stage 5 T-cell lymphoma and given only 60 days to live. By working with his vet, Dr. Jamie Gillespie at Chickasaw Trail Animal Hospital on formulating the optimum diet for him, Jake was able to live a healthy and active lifestyle.  This is only one example as we have helped hundreds of dogs with various types of ailments live happy healthy lives through optimum diet and nutrition. Once our customers see the difference that Rick’s Dog Deli makes in their dog’s coat, health, and energy levels, they are customers for life.


Health Concerns

Our Therapeutic Meals are formulated to alleviate a variety of conditions, from allergies to liver problems. Many of our customers find that after switching to the all-natural, unprocessed foods from Rick’s Dog Deli, they were able to discontinue or reduce many of their dog’s medications.

Because every health condition (and every dog) is different, all of our meal selections are unique. You won’t find any fillers here. Just simple, wholesome, real ingredients to treat your dog naturally, from the inside out.

Food Allergies & Skin Problems

Food allergies can make feeding your dog complicated and itchy, flaking skin make your beloved pet miserable. Our Allergy Relief therapeutic meal formulation can solve both of these issues.

Digestive Health

Dogs with sensitive stomachs thrive on our G.I. Formulation. With easily digestible and tummy-calming ingredients (like ginger), your dog can enjoy eating again.

Weight Control

Weight gain can lead to the same complications in your dog as it can in humans: joint pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. Our grain- and gluten-free Weight Management meal is a low-calorie, high-flavor alternative to manage your dog’s weight safely.


Managing a condition like diabetes in your dog isn’t possible with typical dog food. In fact, processed foods are often to blame for these conditions in the first place. Let Rick’s Dog Deli customize a meal formulation to manage blood sugar spikes and alleviate symptoms.

Pancreatitis and Liver Problems

For dog's with pancreatitis or liver problems, high-protein diets can often make the problem worse. Our Low Protein diets are customized for your dog’s needs according to her vet’s recommendations to alleviate symptoms and prolong her life.

Kidney & Heart Issues

Your dog’s kidneys help flush toxins from the body, keeping him lively and healthy. But certain common dog food ingredients (like liver) contain high levels of phosphorus, which can put a strain on the kidneys. Rick’s Dog Deli will work with your vet to customize a low phosphorus diet that your dog will thrive on.

Urinary Health

Urinary tract issues are just as uncomfortable for your dog as they are for humans. But a customized diet from Rick’s Dog Deli is specially formulated to reduce urinary tract issues and maximize nutritional benefit.


Cancer is one of the worst diagnoses you will ever receive. We don’t yet have a cure, but a wholesome, unprocessed diet can be the key to strengthening the immune system, managing symptoms, maximizing the effectiveness of treatments, and prolonging your dog’s life.