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medium The Bone dog treat from Rick's Dog Deli
small The Bone dog treat from Rick's Dog Deli
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The Bone Dog Treat


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Ingredients: 100% natural beef femur

*Supervised chewing only.  If splintering occurs, discontinue use immediately.


Why Choose The Bone Dog Treat?

Your dog will go crazy over the smell and taste of The Bone Dog Treat. We smoke the beef femur bones with 100% natural apple wood chips to bring you a treat that’s worthy of your pet’s taste buds. The Bone Dog Treat satisfies your dog’s urge to gnaw while being free from preservatives and harmful chemicals.

Our beef bones come from high-quality, human-grade beef. Rick’s Dog Deli believes your dog deserves to eat as well as you do. It’s not uncommon to find dog bones being sold that are treated with questionable chemicals. We like to skip all of that and provide 100% natural chewing bones for your dog to enjoy without worrying about harmful chemicals.

Our customers enjoy the peace of mind that comes from shopping at Rick’s Dog Deli. We are passionate about feeding pets high-quality food and treats. We believe the best way to feed our dogs is to feed them as well as we feed ourselves. We completely avoid fillers and other questionable ingredients that could compromise your pet’s health and wellness.


Benefits of High-Quality, Human-Grade Chewing Bones

The Bone Dog Treat is a scrumptious bone from human-grade beef with no preservatives ever used. The flavor in The Bone Dog Treat is purely from naturally smoked beef femur sourced from human-grade beef. Rick’s Dog Deli uses meat and bones that come from USA farms, and our recipes are locally prepared in our Orlando, FL deli. It’s the ultimate indulgent chewing experience.

Here are some benefits of choosing The Bone Dog Treat:


Teeth and Mouth Health

Regularly chewing on bones is a healthy part of life for most dogs and even helps prevent gum disease. When your dog chews on a real bone, they are scraping the tartar off their teeth– almost like brushing them. Also, the saliva production during the chewing process is antibacterial, resulting in a cleaner mouth. When chewing, your dog exercises their jaw, which gives them stronger and healthier jaws.


Just the Right Size Bone

We offer two different bone sizes: small and large. The size of the bone is important, and it’s normal for the bone to be slightly oversized compared to your dog. Let us know if you’d like some help choosing the right size bone for your dog– we are happy to help!


Meaty and Flavorful Single-Ingredient Dog Treat

The Bone Dog Treat is a single ingredient dog bone made from the beef femur. It’s not preserved or treated in any way besides being smoked with 100% natural apple wood chips. The smoking process provides an irresistible smell and delicious flavor for an enticing and interesting chewing experience.


Healthy and Constructive Chewing

Dogs love to chew, and if you don’t provide safe chewing bones, your pet may find other household items to satisfy their urge. Chewing beef bones like The Bone Dog Treat gives your pet the mental stimulation needed to stay occupied and satisfied.


Chewing Releases Feel-Good Chemicals

Adult dogs enjoy chewing so much because it releases endorphins that help relieve stress. In contrast, puppies typically chew to relieve teething pain. Some dogs simply chew for pure enjoyment too. Chewing sessions usually last about 15 to 20 minutes which is long enough for your dog to reap the benefits of a healthier mouth and release relaxing chemicals.


A Tough and Tasty Dog Bone

Your dog can enjoy countless hours of chewing amusement with this long-lasting bone. They can chew to their heart’s content as long as the bone doesn’t splinter or come apart in pieces. Your dog will get calcium and minerals as they gnaw and are steered away from chewing on valuable household items.

The Bone is a smoky and meaty dog treat without artificial flavors, additives, or preservatives. Because it’s a single ingredient, it’s safe for dogs with allergies and sensitive stomachs. Dogs of any size enjoy a good chewing bone, but the most prominent chewers are typically high-energy dogs as they look to expend their extra energy through chewing.

A nice benefit of the Bone Dog Treat is it’s not a caloric treat. Your dog will probably expend more energy from the exercise of chewing than on the bone itself! This is a dog treat that helps your dog remain fit and active since it’s a chewing bone with negligible calories. Other chewable dog bones can have unsavory ingredients that cause weight gain or health problems. Natural dog treats are a safe and healthy way to spoil your dog, but it’s even more important to supervise your pet during feeding to prevent dog bones from turning into choking hazards.

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