About Us

Why I Started Rick’s Dog Deli

Rick’s Dog Deli was founded on the simple, yet game-changing, belief that your dog needs the best nutrition in order to reach their optimal health.

Just like you, I have always taken my dog’s health seriously and tried to feed them the best-quality food I could find. But after a recall of dog food in 2007, I became curious about what my pets were really eating.

What I found was astonishing.

Rick's Dog Deli team preparing dog food.

During my research, I uncovered some “industry secrets” that immediately had me concerned.

The cocktail of additives, preservatives, and fillers that make up most (if not all) commercially processed dog foods leave very little room for the nutrition that your dog needs. Many brands have tested positive for toxins such as mercury and arsenic. Others contain meat from diseased and euthanized animals.

Even the more premium brands didn’t use ingredients that I was comfortable feeding my beloved companions. If it wasn’t safe for me to eat it, I sure didn’t want to give it to my dog!

It became clear that, if I wanted to improve my dogs’ health, I had to start with their diet.

Rick's Dog Deli team preparing dog food.

Your dog’s wellness shouldn’t start in the veterinarian’s office, but in the kitchen.

Cooking nutritious food for my best friends seemed like the best way to give them a happy, healthy life. And trust me: they’re much happier eating a delicious meal rather than taking a pill!

At Rick’s Dog Deli, we only use fresh, USDA-inspected ingredients, gently cooked and flash-frozen to seal in the nutrients (and the flavor!). And each of our artisan recipes has skillfully developed for complete nutrition.

I know your dog will love it just as much as you love them!


Charlie Guns

Managing Partner

Charlie from Rick's Dog Deli holding ingredients.

Why Rick's

Every dog is unique in personality as well as in genetic makeup. They have special needs, just like us! Some are allergic to certain proteins or grains, others are picky eaters or not very active.

Because of these differences, we strive to find the perfect mix of foods and supplements so your pet will live a fulfilling life, free from the problems associated with some commercial dog food. The same foods that we eat can provide your pet with all the nutrition needed, without any processed fillers, unnecessary preservatives, and pesticides.

USDA-Inspected Food For Your Dog Has The Following Benefits:

Healthier, softer, shinier coat (or hair)
Disappearance of ear canal fluid
Fresh breath
Reduction in stool size, and more biodegradable excretions
Sharpening of Senses
Immune System Improvement, fighting off diseases
Brighter, clear eyes
Improvement of skin conditions, and in many cases, elimination of the issue
Increased hydration
Increased Energy and Vitality
Heart and Muscle Mass Strengthening
Fewer Vet visits!