Rick's Dog Deli And Woof Gang Bakery

A Partnership That Puts Your Pet First

Carolina Pork and Beef

Our pork and beef meal is hearty and filling. It contains prebiotics which are great in keeping your active high-energy dogs going! This is our highest calorie formulation which is great for active or working dogs of all breeds. 860 cal per lb.

Midwestern Chicken

Lean, clean protein, vibrant vegetables, high in fiber, with oat s that are naturally gluten-free great for any high energy breed. 835 cal per lb.

Pacific Whitefish

Modeled after Northwestern ancestral diets for dogs. Whitefish is sustainable, loaded with protein, low in fat, and high in Omega -3s, which makes it a great choice for all breeds of dogs. 500 cal per lb.

Western Beef

A simple one-protein source meal designed for moderate to active dogs. This is a grain free option which will keep your dog full and energized throughout the day. 440 cal per lb.

Grain-Free Allergy Relief

Cater to your pet with our Allergy Relief blend featuring goat meat as the only source of protein. Most dogs in the US have never been exposed to goat meat making it the perfect protein for dogs with allergies. 463 cal per lb.

GI Formulation

A whole food blend designed for dogs subject to a sensitive stomach or gastrointestinal upset. 646 cal per lb.

Low Protein

A low fat and protein blend for your pet which may call for a reduced protein diet. Ailments such as pancreatitis or kidney issues may be more easily managed when f eeding a much easier to digest, human-grade, protein. 639 cal per lb.

Autumn Harvest Feast

A festive blend of Holiday Favorites, perfect for showing your pet a little special, healthful love during the season. 420 cal per lb.

Jack Frost's Favorite

Winter is Here! Enjoy offering your pet healthy dining options t hat match the time of year with this Winter blend. 777 cal per lb.

Nature's Buds & Blossoms

With beautiful weather comes beautiful produce and proteins. We ‘ve handcrafted the flavors just for your pup. 568 cal per lb.

Dog Kissed Summer

Our hot summers in Central Florida mean your dog may be looking for a bright and refreshing meal. We’ve got you covered right here! 671 cal per lb.

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Why Rick's

Every dog is unique in personality as well as in genetic makeup. They have special needs, just like us! Some are allergic to certain proteins or grains, others are picky eaters or not very active.

Because of these differences, we strive to find the perfect mix of foods and supplements so your pet will live a fulfilling life, free from the problems associated with some commercial dog food. The same foods that we eat can provide your pet with all the nutrition needed, without any processed fillers, unnecessary preservatives, and pesticides.

USDA-Inspected Food For Your Dog Has The Following Benefits:

Healthier, softer, shinier coat (or hair)
Disappearance of ear canal fluid
Fresh breath
Reduction in stool size, and more biodegradable excretions
Sharpening of Senses
Immune System Improvement, fighting off diseases
Brighter, clear eyes
Improvement of skin conditions, and in many cases, elimination of the issue
Increased hydration
Increased Energy and Vitality
Heart and Muscle Mass Strengthening
Less Vet visits!