Custom Orders

At Rick’s Dog Deli we understand that some dogs need an order designed exclusively for them due to a food allergy/intolerance or a unique medical condition. Fortunately, we are a full-service Deli and can provide a custom diet which can match your dog’s dietary needs perfectly.

The Rick's Dog Deli team in the kitchen.

What Is Custom Dog Food?

With 10+ years’ experience feeding dogs from every walk of life, it’s safe to say that we’re canine nutritional experts!

We start with a dietary consultation to determine your dogs’ unique dietary needs and match them with the optimal ingredients.

Once we develop what we believe to be the best diet for your dog, we make up a two-week order as a trial. This allows you to transition your dog to the new food and monitor them for any intolerances to the new diet.

If the diet works, great! We can set you up with a weekly, monthly, or quarterly schedule so your dog never runs out of their new favorite food.

Why Would Someone Want A Custom Order?

Have you ever ordered a steak “medium rare” or asked the server for green beans instead of broccoli? Dogs have food preferences, allergies, and intolerances just like humans do.

Custom orders allow our clients to ensure that their dogs are getting exactly what they need and everything they want.

We are more than happy to accommodate your dog’s taste buds as well as their allergies. Or, if you’d simply like to add an ingredient—such as turmeric for joint health—we can do that, too!

If you think a custom diet is the right choice for your dog, talk to us about it.  We can help point you in the right direction.

Fresh, human-grade ingredients including meats and veggies.
Trays of fresh, top quality chicken.

What Are The Benefits Of A Custom Order?

Custom orders are the perfect solution to solving your dog’s individual dietary needs.

All dogs are different, with dietary needs that are specific to them. Some dogs have food allergies, metabolize foods differently, or are unable to uptake certain nutrients due to genetics.

For dogs with a medical condition, your vet will appreciate being able to customize your dog’s protein, fat, and fiber numbers to treat their condition through diet.

The best thing about a custom order is that you are always in the driver’s seat. If something isn’t working, we can try various formulations until we find a recipe that works.

How Is A Custom Order Made?

Custom orders are made the same way all food is made at Rick’s Dog Deli—by hand.

All ingredients in the Deli are USDA-inspected and approved for human consumption. All food is handled following HAACP standards and under the same sanitary conditions found in a commercial kitchen or restaurant.

Our trained staff will weigh out the ingredients and mix the food by hand. Then we custom portion the food for your dog and freeze it to lock in the freshness. Once the order is complete, we package it in Ziploc style bags so the client simply has to pull the block of food from the freezer, thaw it, and feed it to their best friend.

A Rick's Dog Deli employee cooking up a custom dog food order.

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