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I came across Rick’s Dog Deli in early December 2011, and it has changed my life and the life of my dog!! Karma LOVES her food, and it gives me such joy to see how happy she is when she eats. I never have to worry about dog food recalls anymore, which is a huge relief !! My dog gets so excited when she hears me preparing her food, and she always eats it all up and licks her bowl clean(she NEVER did this with the commercial brand foods). I was very limited with the brands of dog food that I was using before I discovered Rick’s Dog Deli, and my dog was not doing very well on the commercial brand foods, and that ALL changed once we started feeding Rick’s Dog Deli. I get compliments all of the time on how great my dog looks and how soft her coat is-she feels like silk. I am so grateful and thankful for Charlie and the gang at the deli!!!!!



Dawn and Karma


We discovered Charlie Guns and Rick’s Dog Deli in the Fall on 2012 when our Chocolate Labrador, Jake, was diagnosed with Stage 5 T Cell Lymphoma. As we sought out various treatment options our Vet recommended that changing his diet from a commercial kibble to a fresh diet specifically tailored to his needs would be beneficial.

She recommended Rick’s Dog Deli and we meet with Charlie the next morning to discuss a meal plan for Jake. Over the next several hours we developed a diet, based on his Vets recommendations, that would provide him with the best possible nutrition available and supplement his treatment plan.

We became regulars at the Deli, stopping by ever week to make any needed adjustments based to Jakes diet based on his condition and how he was responding to treatment.

Charlie worked closely with our Vet the entire time to ensure that we were able to provide Jake with the nutrition he needed for his battle, sometimes making adjustments by the week Jake’s initial prognosis was 60 days . . . he lived a full life for the next year.

Along the way he defied the odds, sometimes to the amazement of his Oncologist, by LIVING his life to the fullest. His side effects from chemotherapy were minimized and his coat was fuller and more shinny then it was prior to his diagnosis. He remained active and happy to the end and we are convinced that it was due in no small part to Charlie’s efforts and the food he and his team provided Jake along the way.

Charlie and the Deli became part of our family and we will forever be grateful for the extra time we had with Jake, and the quality of his life. When we adopted Bohdan from Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida in October of 2013 his first order from Rick’s Dog Deli was waiting for him in the refrigerator when we brought him home. He has not eaten commercial food since he came to us and people stop him all the time to comment on his coat and ask “What do you feed him?” We always recommend they contact Charlie and discuss what he and his team can do to help better the lives of their Dog’s the way he bettered the lives of ours.

Dennis and J.C. Hammer


When my veterinarian told me my yellow Labrador, Sonya, needed to have surgery for the removal of Struvite crystals, I asked for a homeopathic alternative. She had none. As a new first time customer, Charlie’s nutritional knowledge impressed me enough to give it a try. Approximately 6 weeks later, the crystals are gone and no expensive surgery. Thank you Charlie to you and your team.


Thanks again,​


Patrick Fatica

Rick’s has been supplying food to my dogs for years. They even made customized food for two of them. They made a low protein food for my dog that had kidney issues and tweaked the recipe many times to get the protein levels just right. They took the time to sit and discuss what I wanted and were very knowledgeable about everything. If you need a specialty food for a dog with allergies, cancer, or any other specific need they are definitely the first and only place you should go. We also get Ricks Signature meals for our other dog. It’s the only thing she’s ever eaten. I like how there are multiple flavors (She devours all of them). They come in frozen manageable blocks and easy to serve. Also, they deliver. I can order 2 months of food at a time and it shows up to my house frozen and in an insulated bag. The best part? Free delivery. You can tell they care about what they do and that means everything. I can’t recommend them enough!


We love that the ingredients are fresh, and healthy for our dogs. A week wonderful mix of proteins, grains, and vegetables. Our dogs love the food, it’s like they are getting home cooked meals, but I don’t have to prepare and cook them.

Ada Morgan


My Yorkie’s life would have been cut short had it not been for Rick’s Dog Deli. Vet says that her kidney levels look great for a dog her age and to continue to feed her whatever I was because it’s working. She’s no longer bloated, she loves her food and has more energy. Aside from that, these folks have excellent customer service.

Martha Lee


I found out about Rick’s dog deli before I had a dog. I work for Bob Heinmiller Ac, We are in the same neighborhood and we did their ac unit.

My mom makes her dog food and was going on a road trip so I purchased from Rick’s dog deli for her and her dog loved it. So when I got my baby PitBull I knew I had no time, like my mom (who’s retired) with a full time job and 4 kids, to make dog food. Rick’s is my supplier of dog food!!! I Just stop by every other Friday and pick up what I need. It’s Fresh, great quality food and many options for my little one so she doesn’t get bored. She loves it, she’s growing fast, and she’s very healthy and has a great looking coat.
I noticed they have options for health concerns with dogs and for those furry friends with allergies.

I highly recommend Rick’s dog deli to everyone who has a dog!!!

Melanie Reaves


Best place to buy food for are love one, I have my experience my miniature schnauzer had a high enzymes at 1620, and in just 2 weeks of eating this liver support and pancreatic support food he’s level are 700. Thanks to this amazing food and service at Rick’s Dog Deli. Thank you 😊

Luz Mojica



Shanda, my bff, fell in love with Mandee the instant she saw her. Her previous owner had passed away and she was very lonely. Even though Mandee was an overweight cocker spaniel, Shanda was drawn to her. Shanda immediately changed her diet to a very good quality dog food with additional carrot sticks as snacks. Mandee still wasn’t taking off the additional pounds like Shanda felt she should have. Shanda changed her diet to Rick’s Dog Deli. Mandee has since lost 10 pounds and is on her way to a trim body. She has plenty of energy and still loves her carrots. In the past, Mandee would chase the little geckos to no avail, but now be warned little guys, here comes “the lean, mean, chasing machine.”

My dog Mandee came into our lives a very sad dog -she is a beautiful dog. Being she was so very overweight I took her off canned food that she had been on and switched her to a weight management diet from Blue Buffalo. She was on this for over 2 years. She was 6 years old at the time and not losing any weight.

We moved to Florida and her new vet was Dr. Holder at Florida Wild which strongly suggested Rick’s Dog Deli and we took their advice. It has been approximately one year and Mandee has lost 10 lbs. Her eyes are beautiful. Her coat is gleaming. I am so blessed to have found this wonderful food for her. It has everything she needs and she enjoys her meals.

Shanda Pine


Our dog Buddy was a rescue dog. Not knowing anything about his first year of life we didn’t know what kind of food he would like. We tried wet canned food, dry food, raw food, so many brands and so many types. He didn’t like any of them. Then we heard about Rick’s Dog Deli. They make great creations with fresh meats, vegetables, and fruits for every breed and size dog. With the help of a great guy called Charlie he made a creation for Buddy. He loves it so much he licks the bowl clean!

Thanks Rick’s Dog Deli

Sandi and Bob Croft