Does My Dog Love Me?

Top Ways To Tell…And How You Can Show Your Love Back!


For centuries, dogs have been known as man’s best friend. But if you’ve ever owned a dog yourself, you’ve probably wondered, “How deep does that friendship go? Does my dog love me like a human best friend does?”

Even though dogs can’t communicate using speech, there are very subtle (and not so subtle) ways that you can tell if your dog is as attached to you as you are to him.

Read on to find the ways to tell just how Fido is showing his love for you.


1. He’s Happy To See You

We know this sounds a bit obvious but it’s 100% true.

If your pooch is jumping around, licking, barking, panting, and all around delighted when you get home, then that is a great indicator that they love you.

You’ve made his day just by coming home!

2. He Makes Eye Contact

Think of a time where you’ve spoken to a human who wouldn’t make eye contact with you. You may have thought them disingenuous, uninterested, or that they just plain didn’t like you.

Dogs are quite similar in that regard. They will hone in on your eyes, look for the reassurance of your eye contact, and secrete the hormone oxytocin (better known as “the love hormone”), the same one that’s responsible for feelings of deep love and connection with your children and family.

How cute is that?


3. He Herds You

This applies mostly to dogs with a natural ability to herd (such as Australian Shepherds and Collies). If they try to wrangle the kids for you or keep you closed in on a walk, they are probably herding you. This means that they view you as part of the pack and want to help keep you safe.


4. He “Chooses” You

If Fido’s comes to lie down next to you—despite their favorite fluffy bed being in the other room—you can bet your dog loves you. (Don’t worry if he doesn’t, however, some dogs just like a more quiet area.)

Alternatively, they may come and check on you. A more independent dog may walk into a room to assess it, then go back to their “cave.” This is a sure sign that they love you and want to make sure you’re safe.

5. The Real Treat Is You

We all know that dogs love to get treats throughout the day. But if your dog seems more thrilled about a belly rub or a scratch behind the ear, that’s proof that they love you.

And when your dog loves you more than food, you know you’re doing something right.


6. Cuddling You

This may seem like a no-brainer but a dog can choose where it goes and where it doesn’t. A dog who jumps up in your lap or leans against you is surely showing affection. If you’ve ever seen puppies who huddle together and sleep in piles, it’s sort of like that.

Dogs were bred and raised to be pack animals and cuddling is one way they show you that you’re an accepted member of their pack.


7. He Yawns When You Do

We all know yawns are contagious. (Are you yawning yet? I just did.)

Studies show that mammals who can empathize with others can catch a contagious yawn. The studies showed that 71% of dogs yawned immediately after their owners! We don’t know about you but we will definitely be trying this one tonight!

Make sure you comment below or shoot us an email letting us know if it worked with your pup!


8. He Tries To Follow Your Rules

Is Fido not allowed on the couch? Maybe he’s not allowed to beg at the table. If your dog at least makes an effort to follow the rules, they are thinking of you and love you.

Some dogs only sit on the couch when their owners are gone and jump down the minute they enter the room. While you might see it as naughty, it shows that they care about making you happy.

9. Piddle Puddles

Yup. Peeing when your doggy sees you means he looks at you as the alpha and gets so excited that he (literally) can’t hold it in.

It’s definitely annoying, so while you’re cleaning up that puddle, it might help to keep telling yourself, “He loves me he loves me he loves me.”


Showing Your Dog You Love Them

Now that you know some of the signs that your dog loves you, you might be wondering how you can reciprocate that love. Here’s the top three things you can do.

1. Spend Time With Them

Dogs are pack animals, which means quality time is one of their top love languages.

Take them for walks, socialize them, play a game of fetch, or spend some time teaching them a new trick. This will strengthen your bond and some of the things we mentioned above might even become more noticeable!

2. Mirror Them

Dogs understand you best when you’re speaking in their language. (No, we don’t mean barking back at them.)

Look for ways your dog expresses her love and reflect it back in the same way. If they check on you throughout the day, do the same for them. If they bring you “gifts,” surprise them with a toy or a treat.

3. Take Good Care Of Them

Taking care of your dog’s health is the ultimate way to show your love.

Stay up-to-date on their veterinary care and vaccinations and let your vet know about any health or behavior changes in your dog, no matter how small they may seem to you. The better your vet knows your dog, the better care they can give them.

Above all, good health starts with good nutrition.

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Knowing the answer to “Does my dog love me?” isn’t just reassuring, it’s a great opportunity to make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep your dog happy and healthy.

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