Melamine Pet Food Recall of 2007

On March 15, 2007, the FDA learned that certain pet foods were sickening and killing cats and dogs.  The FDA found contaminants in vegetable proteins imported into the United States from China used as ingredients in pet food.  As a result of the FDA and USDA’s comprehensive investigation, on February 6, 2008, the FDA announced that two Chinese nationals and the businesses they operate, along with a U.S. company and its president and chief executive officer, would be indicted by a federal grand jury for their roles in a scheme to import products purported to be wheat gluten into the United States that were contaminated with melamine. This incident which injured and killed numerous pets throughout the United States brought the pet food industry into question.

As an owner of two dogs I immediately became concerned.  Like any good pet owner I checked to see which brands were affected and quickly determined that my dogs were not in any immediate danger.  After doing some research and unearthing some “industry secrets” I became immediately concerned.  My first thought was to identify all ingredients in the brand of food I was feeding my dogs.  I wanted to see where the premium dog food producers sourced their ingredients along with what additives and preservatives were involved in the manufacturing process.  What I found was the difference in quality between human grade foods and pet foods is astonishing.

Government regulations vary greatly between human food and animal food ingredient quality.  Cooking real, human grade food for my dogs seemed like the best way to provide a healthy and happy life for my best friends.  After some research and planning it became apparent optimum animal health is achieved through diet.  More can be done in the kitchen to promote wellness than in the veterinarian’s office.  Proper nutrition is better than any pharmaceutical.  Simple, whole, and fresh foods in animal diets will provide excellent health benefits for any animal, especially your best friend.


Charlie Guns Managing Partner