10 Dog Memorial Ideas To Honor Your Furry Friend

Losing a dog is like losing a family member.

These 10 dog memorial ideas will help you honor and remember your pet.


Most pet owners view their dogs as a member of a family, so when it comes to their death, it can be a jolting experience.

Whether it was an illness or a sudden death, you will need to take some time to grieve. People grieve in many different ways but to come out of the cloud of grief, everyone needs one thing. Closure.

You may be wondering how one gets closure from the death of their pet. Fortunately there are many avenues nowadays beyond just burying your pup. Read on to find out some really unique dog memorial ideas to honor your beloved pet.


Plant a tree with your dog's ashes to keep them alive in your heart.

1. Turn Them Into a Tree

Yes! This can be done from the ashes of any animal (including humans!).

If you choose to cremate your dog, once you bury their ashes in your yard you can plant a tree over it. The ashes give extra nutrition to the soil and can make a tree (or plant of your choosing) grow really big and strong.

Whenever you’re in your backyard and see that special plant, you’ll be sure to remember your pup running amongst the flowers.

If you have to move, research clipping a bulb or root of your plant. There are a lot of varieties that can be transplanted.


Turn your pet's ashes into a diamond.

2. Turn Them Into a Diamond

There are several companies out there now that can turn cremated remains into a diamond.

Turn these lab created diamonds into an amazing keepsake you can wear anywhere. Keep in mind this is an expensive route, but if you love jewelry and want to have your pet close to you at all times, this might be your best option.


Your dog's tags can make a great keychain.

3. Tags

Your pup wore his dog tags faithfully around his collar for all of those years, now you may be wondering what to do with them. Why not turn them into a keychain? They are the perfect size and likely have your dog’s name engraved on them.

It’s really easy to find a key chain to hook it to and that way you can hang your pup’s tags on the hook where you used to hang his leash.


Sketch of dog

4. Commissioned Artwork

There are various artists that will take your dog’s ashes (if you choose to cremate) and use them to paint a painting of your pup.

If you forgo using their remains as a base for the painting, you can still have a piece of artwork made of them. Hang it in their favorite window where they used to bark at the mailman and you’ll always be able to see their cute face.


5. Obituary

Sometimes it helps with grief if we write down all of the good things about our loved one or pet.

In this instance, you don’t have to publish it if you don’t want to (although you could!). Write down everything from their “gotcha” moment to the day they crossed the rainbow bridge. Make sure to write down funny stories, cute things they did, and maybe even the naughty moments that make you laugh.

Later, when you’re feeling happier, you’ll be grateful that you wrote down those memories.


Urn to hold dog's ashes

6. Memorial Service

It might sound silly, but trust us, you won’t be the first person to hold a memorial service for a pet and you definitely won’t be the last.

Memorial services can serve the same purpose as writing an obituary. It helps to remember the fond times and also allows for a gathering of your close friends and family who loved your dog too.

Serve their favorite human food that they always liked to steal a bite of, and their favorite treats to their dog pals in attendance.


7. Donate

We know you’ve heard the saying “adopt, don’t shop,” so what if, in your dog’s name, you make a donation to your local pet shelter?

A monetary donation is always helpful because they can pay for vet fees and services, but you could also donate new bedding, toys, food, and grooming supplies to the shelter. They are always in need of blankets, towels, and other pet-oriented things. When in doubt, call the shelter to see what they need.

Or, if you’re ready, this is the perfect place to open your heart to a new furry friend.


tattoo artist

8. Tattoo

If you want to stay on the artistic trend, you can immortalize your dog by getting a tattoo of him. There are also places that will use ink with your pet’s ashes in it. Not only will you be able to look at a token of your pet wherever you put your tattoo, but you’ll know your special friend is always with you.


9. Create a Book

Very similar to wedding scrapbooks, you can create one of your dog. There are a lot of inexpensive ways to do this online. You’ll just need a bunch of photos of Fido and upload them to the site.

What is cool about this option is that there are a ton of ways to customize your book. You can make it fun or silly, or serious and more like a memorial. The best part is, there’s no wrong way!


dog memorial wind chime

10. Wind Chime

Most dogs love being outside and have had a great many adventures out there.

If your dog was one of these outdoor loving pups, why not invest in a dog-themed wind chime? The beautiful music that plays when the wind blows will always remind you of your pal digging up your yard and chasing squirrels.



There is no right or wrong way to honor or memorialize your pet.

Grieving and moving on are very personal things so we can’t tell you which of these dog memorial ideas is the best option for you and your family. What we can do is provide you with an ear for listening, and the above resources to help you remember your pet in the fondest way.

We know the importance that pets have in each of our lives and it can be hard to live without them. When the time is right to open your heart to a new puppy, we’ll be happy to help get their nutrition off to the right start.

Contact Rick’s Dog Deli today for guidance or help.

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