Coronavirus In Dogs: Should You Be Worried?

If you’re like most people, you’re probably preparing for the possibility of being quarantined. You’ve gathered a stash of toilet paper, hand sanitizer, canned goods, dog food…

Wait, what about your dog? Are there any reports of coronavirus in dogs? Should you be worried about Fido catching the virus?

Our dogs are part of the family, so it’s natural to worry about their health. But with so much information (and misinformation) swirling around regarding COVID-19, how do you stay prepared without over-reacting?

Unfortunately, since COVID-19 is such a new virus, nobody has all the answers yet, but here at Rick’s Dog Deli, we want to be here for you in every capacity we can and ease your mind amidst all of the fear.

Let’s take a look at the information out now regarding coronavirus in dogs.


Can Dogs Catch The Coronavirus? 

Partly yes and partly no.

According to The American Kennel Club, dogs can contract different strains of the coronavirus but this particular one doesn’t seem to be a threat to dogs.

However, they recommend that you practice the same hygiene that you normally would when petting or handling dogs—especially unknown dogs. Dogs can carry fecal matter, which can spread to our hands and then our mouths. (That’s enough to make anyone sick!)

Some pictures have been circulating of dogs wearing face masks and at this time, the AKC has stated there is no reason to suspect that canines in America are carriers of the disease.

The one thing they do mention is that dogs can carry the virus in their fur. If you have coronavirus (or any illness, for that matter) and pet your furry friend, then another person pets them, it’s possible that they can pick up the virus.

The best advice is to keep your distance (from humans and dogs) if you are ill. We understand that this is easier said than done, but keeping everyone as healthy as possible is more important than getting those cuddles.


What About The Dog In Hong Kong That Tested Positive?


On March 4th, The New York Post reported that the first human-to-dog transmission had occurred. This dog tested with a “low level infection” and was promptly quarantined. The dog showed no signs of illness or distress and continued to remain healthy as the days went on, despite testing as “weak positive.”

This instance just reiterates the reason for washing your hands and practicing care around your pets.

There were no recorded additional infections between the dog and any other animals and, on March 14th, The New York Post reported that the dog tested negative for all infections or antibodies associated with the coronavirus. The dog will remain quarantined until it is ruled out as being a carrier.

The article also mentioned that—although they are considering this a “true infection”—dogs are not considered good hosts for this virus.


Should I Be Concerned?

We can’t tell you how to feel, but the available information is very reassuring to us.

Basically, the best advice is to follow the guidelines set out by the CDC (Center for Disease Control): wash your hands, wear a mask if you’re symptomatic, and practice good hygiene.


Another thing you can do is to keep yourself healthy. Eat fresh foods when you can (and when they are available) and extend this same level of care to the the family pets.

Some sources say immunity begins in the gut and we believe this to be true for all species. Processed dog food is basically doggy junk food. And no one, human or animal, can stay healthy on an unhealthy diet. Feed your pets a wholesome, nutritious diet with the best quality ingredients.



In all likelihood, Fido will be fine. The best thing you can do to keep him (and the rest of your family) healthy is to take care of yourselves.

Practice the CDC set of guidelines for hygiene and make sure your dog doesn’t come in contact with other sick people or pets. Also, dogs can sense stress, so give your pets plenty of love and reassurance.

At Rick’s Dog Deli, we believe that diet is one of the best ways to keep your pets healthy and happy for years to come. That’s why we lovingly cook our Signature and Therapeutic Meals in our local Orlando kitchen and flash freeze them to lock in the vitamins and minerals.

And if you’re self-quarantining, don’t worry! We deliver within 20 miles of our College Park location!

Please contact us for any questions and let us know if there’s anything we can do for you. Stay healthy!