Why Is Frozen Dog Food Better?

Fido Needs Some More Food? Better Make Some Room In Your Freezer.

Here’s why frozen dog food is one of the best decisions you can make for your pup.


Take a look in your refrigerator. See that wilted lettuce and spotty cauliflower? Of course you’ll still eat it, but it’s not exactly the healthiest option.

Now, open up your freezer. That bag of broccoli has been in there for three weeks, but you wouldn’t hesitate to use it for tonight’s stir-fry. And you know it’ll taste delicious!

Freezing keeps food fresh and healthy for much longer. The same is true for dog food. In honor of National Frozen Food Month, here are just a few reasons why you should choose frozen dog food for your furry family members.

metal bowl of chicken thighs next to bowl of brown rice

Less Processed

Getting your meals (or your dog’s) right from the source is optimal. But who has time to pluck their own chickens and grow their own carrots?

For the vast majority of us, food needs to be preserved. Dehydrating, canning, and processing food makes it last for months or even years without refrigeration, but it’s not always the healthiest option.

Here’s an example from your own pantry. Which would be the healthier choice: a blue box of mac and cheese or a chicken and broccoli stir-fry from the freezer?

The same goes for your pup. Frozen dog food lasts just as long as dry kibble and canned dog food, but without the harmful extra ingredients.

A diet that consists of nothing but processed foods isn’t the healthiest choice for any species. Frozen dog food allows you to make the best choice for your dog.

collage of Rick's Dog Deli food next to a bowl of dry kibble

Which one would you rather eat?


More Convenient

We all know that whole, unprocessed foods are the way to go. But making dog food from scratch? Isn’t that a little too much work?

Not at Rick’s Dog Deli!

We use fresh, USDA-inspected ingredients and blend them into our wholesome, holistic meal formulations. Next, we gently cook and flash freeze them so they’re ready to go when you are.

Simply thaw the meals in the refrigerator and serve. Your dog gets all the benefits of a fresh, healthy diet without you having to cook for them. What’s more, Rick’s Dog Deli offers free delivery within 20 miles of our College Park location, so you don’t even have to leave your house! And if you’re outside of our delivery zone, you can find us at five local Woofgang Bakery locations.

How’s that for convenient?


Less Waste

Fresh food is healthier, but it doesn’t last very long before it starts to expire. Canned dog food and kibble last indefinitely on the shelf…but at what cost to your dog’s health?

closeup of frozen green beans

Frozen dog food, however, lasts for months without sacrificing the vitamins and minerals your dog needs to stay healthy.

Because Rick’s Dog Deli meals are frozen in small batches, they not only thaw quickly, even a small dog can finish the bag while it’s still fresh and delicious!

Check out our FAQ on how to combine kibble with our frozen food.


More Nutrients

Frozen fruits and vegetables are no different than fresh from a nutritional standpoint. In some cases, frozen produce actually has higher levels of certain key vitamins and antioxidants than their “fresh” counterparts.

This is because freezing prevents food (and its nutrients) from deteriorating.

Behind the scenes in the Rick's Dog Deli kitchen, where everything is made fresh!

After being harvested, it takes fruits and vegetables an average of 30 days to reach the grocery store. For apples, that number is even higher. Think about this: fruits and vegetables have specific growing seasons. Even here in sunny Florida, we can’t grow strawberries and Zellwood sweet corn year-round.

How fresh could a watermelon possibly be in the middle of December?

By buying frozen dog food, you’re ensuring that your dog gets wholesome, nutritious, home-cooked meals with no extra work from you.



You spend time, energy, and your well-earned money making the best nutritional choices for your family. But ask yourself, “What am I feeding my dog? Am I giving her the best food she deserves?”

If the answer is “no,” perhaps it’s time to find a better choice.

Here at Rick’s Dog Deli, if we wouldn’t eat it, we wouldn’t feed it to your dog. That’s why source the freshest USDA-inspected ingredients and thoughtfully craft each one into ancestral recipes for smallmedium, and large dog breeds.

We also offer Therapeutic meals and custom orders for dogs with unique health conditions.

Your dog’s health is too important to trust with dry, processed kibble or overcooked canned food. Give Rick’s Dog Deli a try and see the difference it makes in your dog’s health!