Dog Popsicles To Beat The Heat!

Summer is “ruff” on your dogs, too.

Try these three dog popsicles to beat the heat!


Did you know that your dog needs relief from the summer heat the same way that humans do? If you’re out with your pup and you are parched, they likely are too.

Luckily, most of the ways humans cool off can also benefit your dog. An ice cold “pupsicle,” some shade, and a kiddie pool are some good ideas. Read on for some awesome dog popsicle recipes and how to keep your best friend nice and cool this summer.


Dog Popsicles

That’s right! Popsicles are not only for humans.

Dog popsicles not only provide a delicious and cold treat for your pup, but they have health benefits too! Most human food is perfectly safe for dogs. Fresh fruit, veggies, and yogurts make up some great popsicles!

First you’ll need a mold if you want some cute shapes. We recommend a silicone based mold because it’s easier to pop out the ice. If you don’t have or don’t want a specialty mold, a regular ice tray will work just fine.

Next, you’ll probably want a blender of some sort. Mashing and stirring by hand are fine, but a blender or food processor makes the process quick and easy.

These dog popsicles are a "cool" way to beat the heat!

Finally, the ingredients are what take the cake!

Most human food is safe for dogs and actually has many health benefits. You’ll want to avoid sugars (real and artificial), grapes, onions, chives, chocolate, caffeine, citrus, cinnamon, nuts, cherries, and salty foods.

Dog-safe fruits and vegetables have high fiber content, which aids in a dog’s digestion, and lots of vitamins. These treats can be a great addition to your dog’s daily diet.

Here are our 3 favorite dog popsicle recipes.

Blueberry Pupsicles

½ cup of blueberries
½ cup of unsweetened Greek yogurt

The unsweetened part is important; too much table sugar isn’t good for your dog’s kidneys. Blend it all together in a blender and freeze in your mold/ice tray.

Peanut Butter Banana

12 oz. of banana Greek yogurt
6 oz. creamy peanut butter

Make sure both are unsweetened and blend together. Freeze for at least an hour.

Chicken Pupsicle

1 c. low sodium chicken stock
½ c. water
⅓ c. chopped chicken (canned is fine, as long as it doesn’t have added ingredients)

If you have some leftover treats of ours, you can shred these into the mix for some added nutrients.


Beat the Heat

So now that you know how to make some delicious dog popsicles, what are some other ways to keep your pup cool on hot days?

Check the Pavement

Before you go for that daily walk, press the sidewalk or street with your hand for 7-8 seconds. If it is too hot for you, then it’s too hot for your dog!

Try walking early in the morning or later in the afternoon when the ground isn’t as hot. If you have to walk your dog during the hottest part of the day and your dog will tolerate them, these boots are a great option for their little paws.

Even dogs like to go for a swim on a hot day.

Make a “Chill” Haven

In the heat of summer, it’s best to keep your dog indoors as much as possible. But if they miss running around in the grass, make them a backyard oasis.

Pick a nice shaded area for your pup to lie down. Grab a kiddie pool and fill it with some cool water. Your dog will love splashing around and get some great exercise too!

Pay Attention to Breed

Coat length and density plays a role here, but it’s not the only factor.

Short-nosed dogs (like pugs) have difficulties exhaling the heat from their bodies and can fall victim to heatstroke if they cannot cool off properly.

If your dog has a naturally heavy and long coat, get them groomed for a summer cut. They might not look luxurious, but it could mean the difference between your dog getting overheated and having a fun-filled summer. If you’re in the Winter Park area, check out our favorite local dog groomers.

All dogs need access to fresh water at all times.

Fresh Water

This may seem like a no-brainer, but always always always have fresh cool water around to keep your dog hydrated.

If you plan on being out for a while and you know it will be hot, make sure you bring a travel bowl or a travel water bottle so your dog always has access when he needs it.

No Hot Cars

It doesn’t matter if you just need to run in for a pack of gum. Do not, under any circumstances, leave your dog parked in the car.

You hear about it in the news with children, but a hot car can be just as deadly for a dog. If you know you have to stop somewhere, leave the car running with the A/C on or leave Fido at home.

Time of Day

The hottest part of each day is usually between 12-4pm, so avoid exercising outside with your dog during these hours. (This is the best practice for humans too.)

Not only is the sun at its hottest, but the risk of heat stroke is much higher during these hours. Any time in the morning or the later afternoon is best for you and your pup.



Summer is supposed to be full of pool parties, barbeques, and trips to the beach. With these tips, you will be well on your way to having an amazing and—most importantly—safe summer of adventure with your dog.

Take a look at our feeding chart so that during your adventures, your dog is also eating the healthiest food available. And as always, call us today for any questions and we are happy to help out!

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