How To Celebrate A Dog Birthday

Happy Birthday, Rover!

Here are some tips for throwing a dog birthday party.


Birthday parties have been a little different during the 2020 quarantine, but they’re still a great excuse to shake up the routine. But don’t restrict your isolation celebrations to your spouse and kids…include your dog as well!

If you adopted your dog from a shelter, you probably don’t know how old your dog is, much less their actual birthday. We’ve got good news for you: your dog doesn’t know when their birthday is either. They’ll be thrilled no matter what!

You don’t need to host a full-blown birthday party with guests and invitations (although you can if you want to!). Sometimes, your dog will appreciate a day at home with his family more than anything else.

Here are some tips for celebrating a dog birthday that the whole family will love.



Most people would say that parties aren’t complete without a selection of delicious food…and your dog agrees!

For the Birthday Pup, only the finest food will do. If you haven’t already made the switch to Rick’s Dog Deli, your dog’s birthday is the perfect occasion to do so. Our Signature Meals are made with 100% USDA-inspected ingredients (no “chicken by-product meal” here!) and they’re a doggy favorite.

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puppy with party hat licking lips on pink background

Cap off the meal with some dog-friendly cake and ice cream (you can either make your own cake or order one from a local dog bakery). If your dog has a sensitive stomach, make sure you spread these goodies throughout the day.

It may be your dog’s birthday, but don’t leave humans out of the picture! Whip up a batch of “puppy chow” and/or cookies shaped like bones or tennis balls.

For a treat that both humans and dogs will love, put together a veggie tray of raw carrots, green beans, bell pepper strips, and other dog-friendly snacks.



Your dog sure won’t care what you hang or how many balloons you have, but decorating for a birthday celebration adds an extra festive touch that makes the day feel more special.

Luckily, with the popularity of the kids’ show Paw Patrol, dog-themed decorations shouldn’t be hard to find. Or, make your own! This Dog Bone Birthday Banner can be easily constructed using things you already have.

pug with party hat on pink background

If your dog enjoys wearing costumes, this is a great opportunity to decorate them as well! Bestow the guest of honor with a cute party hat, a tutu, or a festive bandana.



Your dog doesn’t have the opposable thumbs needed to play “Pin the Tail On the Pomeranian,” but that doesn’t mean your birthday party can’t have fun and games!

Here are some ideas for dog birthday fun!

  • Go on a long walk
  • Take pictures of the Birthday Pup (bonus points if you can get them to keep their party hat on!)
  • Introduce treats in a puzzle toy
  • Play a game of fetch, tug of war, or your dog’s favorite game
  • Visit the dog park in a new neighborhood, like Windermere or Winter Garden)
  • Go for a swim
  • Watch dog movies, like BeethovenBolt, or 101 Dalmatians
  • Cuddle!



Last—but certainly not least!—get your companion a birthday gift to celebrate them being such a wonderful addition to your life.

pomeranian with bow tie next to present

Some great options for dog birthday presents are:

  • Toys (you can even take them to a local pet store and let them pick it out)
  • Collar or leash
  • Customized bandana
  • Dog bed
  • Pretty dog dishes
  • Custom pet portrait
  • Dog DNA test



Your dog is a lovable addition to your family and deserves to be celebrated on their special day (even if that “special day” is picked randomly)!

So put up some streamers, wrap up a toy, give your pup a cuddle, and make sure they’re well fed with a meal from Rick’s Dog Deli! And if your dog has medical concerns, allergies, or other dietary restrictions, take a look at our Therapeutic Meal options or make a custom order.

We’re positive your dog will love our meal formulations, but our food is about more than just taste. Our fresh, wholesome, USDA-inspected ingredients are gently cooked, then flash frozen to lock in the nutrients. There are absolutely no fillers, toxins, or preservatives of any kind.

Great nutrition is the best birthday gift your dog can receive!