What Is The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls?

Pitbulls are some of the most beloved household pets.

In this article, we’ll discuss the best dog food for pitbulls for optimal health and happiness.


Pitbulls are full of personality. They’re fun, loving, highly trainable, and loyal, and that’s why they’re one of the most popular dog breeds to own.

When you welcome any dog into your home, you want to ensure you’re giving them the best life and feeding them the best ingredients. All dog breeds are a little different, which can make meal time a little tricky, but that’s why you’ve come to us.

At Rick’s Dog Deli, we’re experts at giving your dog what’s best for them. Read on to see what nutrients your pitbull needs and how we can make that happen.


What To Feed Your Pitbull

What your pitbull eats determines not only its behavior but also its overall health. Your dog’s age also plays a part in what you feed them. For instance, a growing puppy needs more calories and nutrients than an adult.

Here’s a rundown of what ingredients you should be looking for in your pitbull’s food.

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Regular protein is essential for active dogs like pitbulls because they need the nutrients to replenish all the energy they’re exerting. High quality proteins like fish, beef, deboned chicken, and lamb are great for helping your dog stay active and build strong muscles.

The best dog food for pitbulls should contain at least one-third protein.


Skin protection is particularly important for pitbulls because of their short fur. Fish oil and flaxseed oil provide omega fatty acids for your dog and help protect and enrich their skin.

Because pitbulls are so active, they require a higher calorie intake. Still, if you think your dog is eating too much or too quickly, separating meals is important. That way, they get just enough food to keep them healthy while not causing any stomach or weight problems.


To make your dog’s food more filling, carbohydrates, fruits, and vegetables are a great addition to the meal. For example, carrots can help improve your dog’s eye health, and sweet potatoes, brown rice, and oats are carbs that will fill your dog up without adding a bunch of weight.


Gut health is crucial for pitbulls. Good sources of fiber (such as oats and apples) eases constipation and prevents problems like soft stool and diarrhea.

The pitbull’s high energy requires a diet that is higher in calories and fiber and lower in carbohydrates and fat.

At Rick’s Dog Deli, we recommend our Midwestern Chicken. The chicken is great for most dogs and provides plenty of high quality calories that medium and large-sized dogs like pitbulls need.

The Midwestern Chicken is our most popular product for a reason!

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What You Don’t Want to See On the Label

Heavily processed meats or by-products are the most common source of protein among major dog food brands because they’re a cheaper and more long-lasting alternative. But your dog will live a longer, happier, and healthier life with better quality food, so natural proteins are the way to go.

Flavor and color additives are a big no when it comes to dog food, and they’re things you’ll find among the large manufacturers. They may be designed to be more appealing, but in the long run, natural foods will always be your dog’s favorite.

Similarly, cheap fillers like corn and inexpensive grains are there to make the food more substantial, but they can also cause weight gain and digestive issues.


Common Ailments to Combat

Like most dog breeds, pit bulls are prone to certain health conditions that stem from their genetics:

  • Bone diseases, such as hip dysplasia and kneecap dislocation
  • Skin problems, such as sunburns and allergies
  • Cataracts
  • Stomach issues
  • And more

Your pitbull’s food can go a long way in preventing and helping many of these ailments.

One of the most common ailments in pitbulls is environmental allergies, due in part to the breed’s short, wiry coat. Fortunately, switching to a whole food diet can alleviate many of the uncomfortable symptoms, such as itchy skin.

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While food allergies are less common in pitbulls, they can occur. It’s important to rule out any potential allergens when picking the best food for your dog.

For pups who suffer from hypothyroidism, lean protein sources are best to counteract the weight gain that often stems from this condition.

Adding Dynamite’s TNT supplement to meals also provides your dog with a variety of nutrients such as iodine, probiotics, and prebiotics to help them feel their best.


The Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

Ultimately, the best dog food for pitbulls is not just one that contains plenty of calories and protein, but is made from whole ingredients.

At Rick’s Dog Deli, we specialize in creating perfectly balanced meals using only USDA-inspected ingredients that you recognize and trust. Each of our recipes has been crafted to provide your dog with everything they need to be happy and healthy.

Try one of our signature meals today, or call us to discuss a customized food designed specifically for your dog.