midwestern chicken dog food label
Feeding instructions for Midwestern Chicken recipe.
midwestern chicken dog food label
Feeding instructions for Midwestern Chicken recipe.

Midwestern Chicken Dog Food

Chicken & Oats


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Our Most Popular Meal For a Reason

Chicken is by far the most popular meat– for humans and dogs alike! Low in fat and high in protein, chicken is a great way to give active dogs the nutrition and calories they need for that boundless energy. Chicken is also high in omega-6, an essential fatty acid that helps promote gene health, strengthen the immune system, and reduce insulin sensitivity. They also help raise your levels of helpful HDL cholesterol and harmful LDL. While you likely consume omega-6s in the form of vegetable fats and nuts, your dog doesn’t get the same amount of satisfaction from these foods as you do. A healthy portion of chicken is much more appetizing for a canine palette. Another reason pet parents (and their dogs) love Midwestern Chicken? It’s great for high energy dogs! With 835 calories per pound and the highest protein content of all our Signature Meals, your dog will have plenty of fuel for playing fetch or those after-bath zoomies.

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Why Choose Midwestern Chicken?

Many pet owners come to us looking for an alternative protein source because they believe their dog has a chicken allergy. However, based on our experience, chicken allergies are quite rare in dogs. Because of the low-quality ingredients found in commercially processed dog foods, it is not uncommon for dogs to display signs of an allergy or intolerance when they consume these foods. As a result, what you thought was an allergy to chicken may simply have been a reaction to fillers, preservatives, or even toxins present in your dog’s food. In fact, most pet owners find that their dog’s allergy symptoms are reduced or even eliminated after switching to a whole food diet. This high protein, high fiber dog food is an excellent source of nutrition and energy that your dog is sure to enjoy!

Simply The Best

Rick’s Dog Deli began with a simple premise in mind: Your dog deserves the best food they can get! For us, that means carefully crafted recipes using USDA-inspected ingredients. Our meals are always cooked in small batches in our College Park kitchen to ensure perfectly balanced nutrition each and every time. And if your dog’s diet needs a little adjusting, just let us know. We’re happy to create a Custom Order for our VIPs (“Very Important Pups”)!

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Our Midwestern Chicken Meal contains the following ingredients:

  • Chicken
  • Oats
  • Chicken Livers & Gizzards
  • Eggs
  • Ground Chicken Bone
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Green Beans
  • Pumpkin

Some of these ingredients may sound unusual, but each one has been chosen to give your pet the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. And we can assure you that dogs love them!

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein (Crude) 12.70%
Fat (Crude) 6.70%
Fiber (Crude) 0.62%
Moisture 73.0%


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