Three packs of Rick's Dog Deli Goat Chewies
Rick's Dog Deli Goat Chewies Guaranteed Analysis panel
Three packs of Rick's Dog Deli Goat Chewies
Rick's Dog Deli Goat Chewies Guaranteed Analysis panel

Goat Chewies Dog Treats


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Our Goat Chewies dog treats are low in calories, have minimal ingredients, and are great for all dogs.  Chewies come frozen and are available in a 1/2 pound package and will last in your refrigerator for 5-10 days. When thawed, the texture is similar to that of a brownie and is great for any dogs that require a soft treat.  Some dogs even prefer them frozen!


Why Choose Goat Chewies?

Chewies are a fantastic treat with a tender brownie-like texture and an appetizing meaty flavor. You can feel good about spoiling your dog because Goat Chewies are made with wholesome human-grade ingredients. These treats taste as good as homemade because they’re made from goat bone broth, pumpkin, and whole wheat flour.

The Rick’s Dog Deli team specializes in formulating vet-approved recipes that deliver high-quality nutrition from human-grade quality ingredients. These dog treats are scrumptious and low-calorie, so your dog can enjoy having a delicious bite any day of the week. Goat Chewies are made with limited ingredients to be safe for dogs on special diets and those with sensitive stomachs.

There are many mass-produced dog treat options, but what is the healthiest choice for your pet? Generally, a healthy diet for dogs consists of whole food ingredients. Goat Chewies support canine wellness by incorporating only naturally nutritious foods. Rick’s Dog Deli takes your pet’s health seriously because all our recipes feature high-quality, human-grade ingredients. We serve the Orlando, FL area with fresh, healthy dog food to support nearly any dog food need that you have.


Health Benefits of Goat Chewies

Goat Chewies are the wholesomeness of homemade treats without all the work. There are no additives, preservatives, or artificial flavors. Goat Chewies are delicious dog treats made to be soft textured using only natural, high-quality ingredients.


Whole Food Nutrition

We understand that gently cooked whole foods are the safest diet for most dogs. Goat Chewies contain goat stock, pumpkin, and whole wheat flour for quality nutrition and easy digestibility. We hope to make life easy for you and great for your dog!

  • Goat stock is rich in vitamins and minerals that support bone, skin, and ligament health; it adds moisture, flavor, and quality nutrition to the dog treat.
  • Pumpkin soothes the digestive system and contains fiber, micronutrients, and vitamins A, E, C, potassium, and iron.
  • Whole wheat flour adds fiber and protein while binding the treat together.


Soft Texture

We recommend Goat Chewies or Beef Chewies for dogs that require softer foods, like small and senior dogs, but Goat Chewies dog treats are made for any dog to enjoy the tender texture and savory flavor. Some dogs can have an increased motivation to please when these treats are used as a high-reward training treat as well!


Limited Ingredients

Goat stock, pumpkin, and whole wheat flour– that’s it. Dogs with or without allergies easily incorporate Goat Chewies into their diet and reap the nutritional benefits.

Each ingredient is specially chosen to create the perfect dog treat! The first ingredient is goat stock which makes the treat savory and irresistible to dogs. Next, dogs love to eat pumpkin puree, and it is healthy for them too– that’s why it is added to Goat Chewies. The last ingredient is the whole wheat flour that keeps the treat together while adding extra nutrition.



Goat Chewies are frozen and sold in ½-pound bags. When kept frozen, the dog treats will not spoil. It’s a simple way to have fresh dog treats on hand without being concerned about spoilage. They can be thawed and fed when you are ready to use them. Some dogs prefer the frozen texture of Goat Chewies, so you can run a taste-testing experiment to find out which way your dog likes better!


Safe for Sensitive Stomachs

Pumpkin is naturally soothing to the digestive system, and it’s one of the ingredients in Goat Chewies. Goat Chewies are fresh, quality dog treats with wholesome nutrition from whole wheat flour, pumpkin, and goat stock. These treats are easy for dogs to digest and safe for sensitive bellies.


What Makes A Dog Treat Healthy?

Wholesome ingredients are the key to a healthy diet for our beloved animals. You likely already know that cooked whole food ingredients are easier to digest than processed foods. Our handcrafted recipes deliver high-quality nutrition and a satisfying taste that heavily processed dog treat products cannot replicate. High-quality whole foods are combined to make the perfect healthy dog treat: Goat Chewies!

Dog treats supplement your pet’s diet by providing beneficial vitamins and minerals. A healthy dog treat also helps to maintain a healthy weight and support overall vitality. We are proud to offer you treats made from high-quality ingredients that you can feel about good feeding to your dog. Human-grade ingredients ensure the safest foods for your dog. We take your pet’s health seriously and source high-quality, human-grade ingredients for all our recipes to provide you with total peace of mind.

Rick’s Dog Deli is on a mission to help dogs eat better by supplying them with a more natural and nutritious diet. Goat Chewies are handcrafted in our Orlando kitchen. Our fresh ingredients are human-grade, and we never use mystery meat or old, low-quality ingredients. The Rick’s Dog Deli team can also make a custom dog food blend according to your pet’s unique needs. We emphasize the importance of high-quality, human-grade dog food because ultra-processed food isn’t a healthy long-term diet for most pets.

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