three pack of Beef Chewie dog treats from Rick's Dog Deli
label from Rick's Dog Deli Beef Chewie packaging
three pack of Beef Chewie dog treats from Rick's Dog Deli
label from Rick's Dog Deli Beef Chewie packaging

Beef Chewies


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Beef Chewies are made from whole wheat flour, pumpkin, and beef protein.  The texture is similar to that of a brownie and is great for any dogs that require a soft treat.  Beef Chewies are low in calories, have minimal ingredients, and are great for all dogs.  Chewies come frozen and are available in a 1/2 pound package and will last in your refrigerator for 5-10 days.  Some dogs even prefer them frozen!

  • USDA inspected ingredients, lightly cooked and frozen for freshness
  • Limited ingredients
  • Soft texture great for older dogs
  • Low calorie and low fat
  • Suitable for all dogs

Why Choose Beef Chewies?

Beef Chewies are deliciously soft and made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. You can feed your dog wholesome homemade treats without the mess in the kitchen. These dog treats are tasty little things that have the texture of a brownie. Let us do the hard work of prepping and cooking healthy dog treats. It’s our specialty to craft delicious homemade recipes for dogs to sink their teeth into.

Dogs that like softer treats will adore the flavor of Beef Chewies! The simple whole food ingredient list of beef stock, pumpkin, and whole wheat flour supports your dog’s healthy lifestyle. Rest assured that these dog treats are unlike those in grocery stores loaded with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients.

We use human-grade ingredients to craft Beef Chewies. Once we source our fresh ingredients, our food is prepared and cooked in our Orlando, FL deli. When you choose Rick’s Dog Deli, your dog is safe from unhealthy ingredients like additives, preservatives, and added sugars. These treats can be given to your dog daily as part of a healthy diet.

Health Benefits of Beef Chewies

Beef Chewies come from human-grade standard ingredients. We cook with USDA-inspected ingredients and have a kitchen up to quality standards. Rick’s Dog Deli is on a mission to craft all-natural dog food recipes because your dog deserves to eat as well as you do.

Here are some healthy reasons to pick Beef Chewies:

Nutritious Dog Treats

Beef Chewies are healthy and nutritious with just three unique ingredients.

  • Beef stock is full of collagen that helps make up the cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and skin in your dog’s body. It also has amino acids and trace minerals. Beef stock may help reduce inflammation, support joint health, and improve gut health.
  • Pumpkin adds vitamin A, E, and C, potassium, iron, and fiber.
  • Whole wheat flour adds protein and fiber.

Safe for Special Diets

Beef Chewies can help dogs on weight management diets, limited ingredient diets, and even those with sensitive stomachs. Dogs on weight management diets love these treats for being low fat, healthy and delicious!

Helping canines on a limited ingredient diet is tricky because they must avoid any ingredient potentially triggering allergies. Common food allergens may be a particular type of grain or meat. If your dog has been on a limited ingredient diet and is in the clear to eat beef stock, pumpkin, and whole wheat flour, give Beef Chewies a try!

Safe for Sensitive Stomachs

Beef Chewies is a minimal ingredient dog treat made from whole food ingredients specifically chosen to support a healthy digestion system. For example, Beef Chewies contain pumpkin and whole wheat flour that adds fiber and bulk to support normal regularity. Dogs with sensitive stomachs typically have an improved condition when switched to a less processed diet. Of course, every case is different depending on your dog. Dogs with a sensitive stomach benefit from dog treats like Beef Chewies because of the easy digestibility of the whole foods used.

Limited Ingredients

Every ingredient in Beef Chewies has a purpose. The beef stock incorporates moisture, flavor, and health benefits into the dog treat. The main benefit of feeding your dog beef bone broth is collagen, vitamins, and minerals added into their diet. Whole wheat flour is needed to hold the treat together, but it also adds more protein and fiber. Pumpkin puree goes into Goat Chewies for the added fiber, vitamins, and rich taste. Other dog treat brands may use sugar, artificial colors, and other extraneous ingredients to flavor their treats, but we focus on nutrient-dense ingredients to craft dog treats that support your pet’s wellness.

Soft, Tender Texture

Does your dog have a gentle bite? Small dogs, senior dogs, and those with sensitive teeth appreciate the brownie-like texture of Beef Chewies. However, these treats are irresistible to any dog with good taste.

Human-Grade Quality is the Rick’s Dog Deli Difference

We make a difference in the lives of dogs in the Orlando area by making five-star quality dog food and treats. Our recipes are different compared to mass-produced products because we source human-grade quality meat and veggies. The ingredients you see on our labels will be ones that you easily recognize and feel safe feeding to your dog.

Rick’s Dog Deli expertly crafts Beef Chewies the same way as our other dog treats like Goat Chewies and Chicken Bark. Beef Chewies and all our recipes are made to be naturally savory using healthy ingredients. Beef Chewies pack a flavorful punch that your dog will crave, all while being highly nutritious.

We love providing our community with high-quality dog food and treats that complement the individual needs of each dog. People come to us to feed their dogs nutritious, whole food ingredient diets. Some search for a formula to support their dog’s specific health condition. No matter which recipe you choose, whole food ingredients are the basis of all our recipes. We have a formula for almost every need, and we use real fresh foods that are naturally nutritious– with no fillers needed!

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