Rick's Dog Deli's chicken bark dog treats.
Rick's Dog Deli's chicken bark packaging
Rick's Dog Deli's chicken bark dog treats.
Rick's Dog Deli's chicken bark packaging

Chicken Bark Dog Treats


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Five-Star Quality Chicken Dog Treats

What makes chicken dog treats high-quality? The key is to choose the right ingredients, or in this case, the single ingredient in Chicken Bark Dog Treats. At Rick’s Dog Deli, we use human-grade quality, lean chicken breast to make healthy dog treats worthy of spoiling your pet with. Here’s why these chicken dog treats shine as a 5-star quality dog treat. First, we use lean, white meat chicken breast to make our crispy chicken dog treats. It’s thinly sliced and dehydrated–completely retaining the full meaty flavor. Rick’s Dog Deli likes to keep dog food all-natural to bring you the healthiest treats you can buy. Chicken Bark Dog Treats are not only protein-rich but also free of gluten, grains, and preservatives.


Benefits of Chicken Bark Dog Treats

These are the premium quality treats your dog has been dreaming about. With the human-grade ingredients from Rick’s Dog Deli, your dog can eat as well as you. We use fresh chicken breast as the only ingredient in Chicken Bark Dog Treats. The USDA-inspected chicken breast is freshly prepared and dehydrated in our Orlando, Florida deli.

Human-Grade, High-Quality Ingredients

We maximize the nutritional value of dog food by using the best ingredients possible. You won’t find by-products, chicken meal, additives, or preservatives in our dog treats. We keep it all-natural at Rick’s Dog Deli.

High-Quality Nutrition

Chicken Bark is a high-protein and lean cut of meat. By using naturally lean chicken breast, we limit unhealthy dietary fats. Instead, there is plenty of the naturally occurring Omega-6 essential fatty acids found in chicken that help your dog’s skin, coat, and brain health. In addition, chicken breast is a natural source of glucosamine for bone and joint health. Chicken dog treats are a fun way to treat your dog while keeping them healthy and active.

Limited Ingredient Diets

It’s become increasingly common for dogs to have allergic reactions to dog food ingredients. If your pet needs a simple list of ingredients for health reasons, Chicken Bark Dog Treats are made with a single ingredient. We use fresh chicken breast and dehydrate it for a delicious, crispy snack that all dogs enjoy.

Good for Picky Eaters

Choosing treats your picky eater likes can be a challenge. You can avoid your finicky pup turning his nose up at his food by opting for something irresistible–like 100% chicken dog treats.

Gluten- and Grain-Free

Dogs on a gluten-free and grain-free diet can safely enjoy Chicken Bark Dog Treats–our treats are made from 100% human-grade chicken breast.


Why Choose Human-Grade Quality Chicken Dog Treats?

The food your dog eats contributes to their vibrancy and health, so feed your dog the best. To maximize the nutritional content in our Chicken Bark Dog Treats, we only use high-quality, human-grade chicken breast. Not all dog treats offer the same nutritional benefits. Human-grade ingredients are the best choice if your dog’s health and nutrition are a priority. The main difference between a good and bad quality treat depends on the quality of the ingredients used and the method of preparation. A low-quality dog treat will have fewer vitamins and minerals. Dogs thrive on natural and nutritious foods. We handcraft single-ingredient dog treats like Chicken Bark with the idea that less is more, so we pick the best quality meats. Chicken Bark Dog Treats is an excellent way to go if you want one of the healthiest treats to feed your dog.


Protein-Rich, Chicken Bark Dog Treats

Protein is essential to your dog’s diet because their body doesn’t store it. However, they must get it from food. Protein’s 22 essential amino acids are used for vital functions like tissue growth and repair. High-protein snacks, like Chicken Bark Dog Treats, are intended for intermittent feeding and a balanced diet. Rick’s Dog Deli Chicken Bark is perfect for training sessions. Active dogs should have nutritious foods that give them enough fuel for exercise and everyday life. In between meals, active dogs benefit from high-protein snacks to maintain their energy and stamina. Dehydrated Chicken Bark is portable and easy to take along for dog-friendly adventures. Dog breeds with high-energy levels that benefit from protein-rich treats are Siberian Husky, Miniature Pinscher, Irish Setter, German Shepard, Poodle, and many others. In addition, pregnant and lactating dogs need high-protein snacks to nourish their hard-working bodies. Our premium dog treats are single-ingredient, so you don’t have to worry about feeding your pet questionable ingredients. No by-products, fillers, wheat, corn, or soy here! Other brands may use by-products and added sugars in their dog treats that are hard to digest. Low-quality treats fed over the long-term can affect your dog’s skin health and digestive system. Support your dog’s wellness by choosing nutrient-rich food and treats.

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