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Goat Bark treats
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High-Quality Nutrition in Goat Meat

Goat meat is the main attraction in Goat Bark Dog Treats. Compared to beef, goat meat has nearly twice the amount of iron. It is lean, protein-rich, and packed with B-vitamins, so dogs of all ages can enjoy the health benefits and crispy deliciousness of Goat Bark. Goat Bark is especially beneficial for dogs that require more protein but fewer calories– like those on a weight management diet. Dogs on weight loss programs can enjoy this nutritious red meat lower in calories and cholesterol than other meats. Energetic and active dogs that require foods densely packed with protein and nutrients also benefit from goat meat dog treats. Goat meat is becoming increasingly well-known as a highly nutritious protein source. Goat is also a sustainable choice for farmers to raise alongside cattle because goats can browse on the rockier terrains beyond the level-land pastures. Goats can browse for grass on parts of land that are unsuitable for cattle, thus making a smaller impact on the agricultural land overall. Rick’s Dog Deli uses USDA-inspected, human-grade ingredients. We offer dog food and treats with no sugar, preservatives, or additives. Goat Bark Dog Treats is a dog treat you can feel good about feeding your pet.


Why Choose Goat Bark Dog Treats?

Rick’s Dog Deli makes Goat Bark Dog Treats with human-grade goat meat. High-quality goat meat is freshly prepared and gently cooked in our Orlando deli. Even the pickiest of eaters will find Goat Bark irresistible– not to mention highly nutritious! Here are some benefits of choosing Goat Bark Dog Treats:

Single-Ingredient Dog Treats

Goat Bark is a dehydrated, single-ingredient treat made from high-quality, human-grade goat meat. It’s a tasty snack with nutritional benefits and no questionable ingredients.

High-Protein & Healthy

Goat meat dog treats are a fantastic addition to a healthy, balanced diet. Goat Bark Dog Treats are naturally protein-rich and have beneficial nutrients that are perfect for dogs to remain fit and active.

Full of Vitamins and Minerals

Nutrient-rich and delicious! Goat Bark contains plenty of B-vitamins, including vitamin B-2 (riboflavin), that aids in iron absorption, energy levels, healthy skin, and eyesight. Goat also contains omega-3s and the beneficial type of omega-6. The Omega-3 essential fatty acids in goat meat fight inflammation, promote skin and coat health and support heart health. Other nutrients in goat meat are iron, potassium, selenium, copper, and other essential trace vitamins and minerals. Goat meat has close to 2x the iron content of beef. Dogs with anemia would greatly benefit from goat meat dog treats added to their diet.

Treats for Dogs of All Ages and Sizes

Small dogs, big dogs, and dogs of all ages love crispy Goat Bark Dog Treats! Goat Bark is the perfect treat and training reward with a ton of nutritional value. Goat meat is protein-rich which is great for both active and overweight dogs. High-protein treats are great for Greyhounds, Border Collies, and many other high-energy dog breeds. Goat Bark is suitable for all stages of life. Healthy, older dogs require more protein in their diet as their protein stores are depleted more rapidly. High-protein treats will support pregnant and lactating dogs meet the physical demands of raising a litter.

Low Allergen Food & Sensitive Stomach Safe

Goat is a low allergen food meaning it’s safe for dogs prone to allergic reactions from foods. Dogs with sensitive stomachs respond well to goat meat in their diet too. If your dog has a food allergy or sensitive stomach, goat meat is highly underrated as an ideal solution for sensitive dogs. If your dog is on an elimination diet, give it a try!


Human-Grade Quality Goat Bark Dog Treats

Goat Bark Dog Treats are made with gourmet lean protein low in calories and fat. It is the perfect high-value reward for training sessions or any time you want to spoil your dog with love and treats. Our goat meat dog treats do not include questionable ingredients like fillers and preservatives. We are on a mission to help you feed your dog well. We make homemade dog food at Rick’s Dog Deli for the Orlando and Central Florida area. You won’t find added sugar or mystery meat in our goat dog treats. Natural foods are the key to keeping our canine companions healthy and happy at any stage of life. That’s why we chose high-quality, human-grade ingredients for our recipes. Goat meat is a gourmet pet food choice. It’s becoming more well-known for its high-quality and nutrient-rich content. Goat Bark Dog Treats are lower in calories than beef and chicken and have low-fat content. We only use USDA-inspected, high-quality ingredients at Rick’s Dog Deli to make the healthiest treats.

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