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Premium Lamb Dog Food

Prairie Lamb Dog Food is an excellent choice for dogs with food allergies. This is a premium blend with lamb as the first ingredient–perfect for dogs allergic to other meats. Our dog food is made locally in our Orlando deli and is quickly frozen to preserve all of the beneficial nutrients. Rick’s Dog Deli is proud to make our Prairie Lamb dog food free of any preservatives and additives, providing a healthier alternative to commercial dog food.

Prairie Lamb Dog Food Ingredients:

  • Lamb
  • Oats
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Green Beans
  • Pumpkin
  • Calcium Carbonate

Intended for pets that suffer from allergies, Prairie Lamb Dog Food is the same high-quality ingredients as our Allergy Relief Dog Food, only with lamb instead of goat. If your pet is doing well on the Allergy Relief Dog Food, you can add Prairie Lamb Dog Food to their meal rotation, too–as long as they are good with lamb.

If you need grain-free dog food, Prairie Lamb Dog Food is now available in a grain-free version. As a meal designed for dogs suffering from food allergies, it should relieve your pet’s itchy skin and digestive upsets caused by a food allergen. This lamb dog food is suitable for dogs undergoing elimination diets too.

Gently Cooked Ancestral Diet

Rick’s Dog Deli has all the healthy and mouth-watering dog food without any questionable ingredients. If your pet has a sensitive stomach, we hope you’ll find our dog food easier on the digestive system compared to commercial kibble.

Commercial dog food is heavily processed. During its production, commercial food undergoes ultra-high cooking temperatures to sterilize the ingredients. The problem is that high heat destroys naturally-occurring beneficial vitamins and antioxidants. The vitamins and antioxidants can be artificially added, but they’re not easily absorbed. Our recipes are made in a USDA-inspected kitchen for the ultimate peace of mind. We use a gentle cooking process that keeps nutrients intact. It kills harmful bacteria but doesn’t cook out the beneficial nutrients and naturally-occurring antioxidants.

Healthy Benefits of Prairie Lamb Dog Food

  • High-quality lamb meat
  • Protein-rich
  • No preservatives
  • No additives
  • Allergy-friendly
  • Sustained energy throughout the day

Prairie Lamb Dog Food is a curated recipe with lamb as the prime ingredient to add a savory taste and high-nutritional content to the food. Lamb is naturally packed with protein and beneficial amino acids to maintain muscle and other essential bodily functions. The dietary fats in lamb also help your dog sustain their energy throughout the day.

Despite food allergies, we aim for dogs to thrive once they begin a diet that works for them. Whether your dog is a Pitbull or a Beagle, we have a dog food blend to support the needs of their unique composition and lifestyle. If you can’t find something on our list of dog food, we can make a custom order dog food.

Rick’s Dog Deli focuses on natural nutrition. Our ingredients are human-grade, and we don’t use preservatives, additives, fillers, soy, sugar, or any questionable ingredients.

Allergy-Friendly Dog Food

Food sensitivity can be triggered by any ingredient in your dog’s food. The more common food allergies are from preservatives, chicken, beef, and even chicken eggs and grains.

Dogs can be placed on an elimination diet to identify a suspected food allergy. This is a process of giving your dog a limited amount of ingredients to find out which food is causing the reaction. You must carefully watch for reactions once your pet begins eating a potentially triggering food. Dogs can be allergic to any ingredient. We see many dogs suspected of having a grain allergy. But, most of the time, the dogs are allergic to a different ingredient in commercial kibbles, like a preservative.

Healthy Canine Gut Health

The best source of vitamins and minerals for our pets is minimally processed dog food. Commercial dog food isn’t the best fit for many dogs, and we want to help pets move past their food allergies and sensitivities to commercial kibble. It’s typically hard to digest and a source of digestive problems.

Ideally, dog food should strike a balance of good bacteria in the digestive tract. Many factors have been shown to disrupt the canine gut microbiome– including ultra-processed dog food. The other exciting factor is a lack of food variety, which is commonly seen in dogs fed a commercial kibble diet. Since most dogs will benefit from greater food variety, try feeding your dog an array of dog-friendly foods regularly– unless they are incredibly picky eaters! We know how that goes!

Prairie Lamb Dog Food is made with fresh, nourishing ingredients. There are zero preservatives, additives, and anything else you wouldn’t want in your pet’s food. While commercial ultra-processed dog food can irritate the canine digestive system, Prairie Lamb Dog Food has a diverse blend of vegetables and prebiotic fiber from natural pumpkin to support healthy canine gut health.

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1 lb, 5 lbs


Lamb, Oats, Broccoli, Carrots

Cauliflower, Green Beans, Pumpkin

Calcium Carbonate

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein (Crude) 8.57%
Fat (Crude) 7.84%
Fiber (Crude) 1.26%
Moisture 82.87%



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