What Makes Rick’s Dog Deli Different?

Rick’s Dog Deli is real food, not “dog food.”

Because we use 100% human-grade, all-natural ingredients in all of our diets, Rick’s Dog Deli stands out in a pet food industry that is overrun with diets that are creating or worsening health issues in our furry family members.

See what makes a natural dog food from Rick’s Dog Deli better than the commercial dog food brands.


Rick’s Dog Deli Is Different

Commercial pet food is usually made from ingredients that have been deemed unfit for human consumption, and the quality of these foods (or lack thereof) can be astonishing. Poor-quality ingredients can directly influence a dog’s overall health and quality of life, causing allergy symptoms, GI upset, excessive weight gain, and more.

At Rick’s Dog Deli we combine simple, cooked, whole foods and prepare them to human consumption standards. All proteins are gently cooked to 165 degrees. Vegetables are lightly steamed and chopped fine for easy digestion. Potatoes and carbohydrates are cooked and make up less than 25% of any particular diet.

Once we mix up all the ingredients we blast chill the food to -10 degrees which locks in the freshness. You simply thaw and serve.


Protein-Rich Meals

Dogs are omnivores meaning they eat from all food groups, but the most important food group for dogs is meat.

If you look closely at most commercial dog food brands on the market, you’ll notice that corn, wheat, or rice is among the first ingredients on the label. Meats are listed much further down the ingredient list. And when they do show up, it’s likely in the form of by-products that simply don’t provide the same level of nutrients as human-grade food.

Dogs need specific amino acids found only in meats. Every one of our formulations, with the exception of a custom order, contains a minimum of 50% proteins. The proteins contain a mixture of muscle meat, organ meat, and eggs. When mixed with a variety of vegetables and a base such as sweet potato or rice, real, balanced food is a wholesome and complete diet for dogs.


 Meals Catered To YOUR Dog

Rick’s specializes in preparing breed-specific and therapeutic diets for dogs. We have researched hundreds of breeds of dogs and have determined that dogs respond better to cuisines indigenous to where the breed was developed.

For example, a Chihuahua originated in Chihuahua, Mexico, where the rainforest would have provided the native food supplies for this breed. Mangos and avocados are abundant in the region and would have been a staple in the breed’s diet. Meats would have consisted of poultry, wild boar, and rodents. We would recommend trying our Midwestern Chicken Blend for this breed.

Of course, rotation through all of our Signature Formulations is always encouraged.


Therapeutic Diets

You might have noticed that most commercial dog foods carry different formulations for puppies, adults, seniors, and large or small breeds. But dogs can experience a variety of conditions beyond age and size.

Although dogs that eat species appropriate, human-grade diets are generally healthy, sometimes there is a special situation that may require a therapeutic diet. Therapeutic diets can be used for a limited time or long-term feeding. Things like GI upset or allergies to certain proteins can be alleviated by feeding a dog a proper diet.

We have several diets available off-the-shelf for the most common problems which can be alleviated by diet.

If one of our Signature or Therapeutic diets contains an ingredient that in intolerable to your pup, just let us know. We can prepare a custom diet which is specific to your dog’s particular situation.



When you look closely, there is no comparison between the meals offered by Rick’s Dog Deli and commercial dog food brands. Our high-quality, human-grade, all-natural dog foods have been prepared to provide optimal nutrition for your individual dog.

Dogs and their parents love Rick’s Dog Deli meals! Find out more about all the benefits you can expect when you make the switch to a natural dog food.