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Healthy, Tasty Treats & Meals

“We are so much happier now! I wish I would have found Rick’s Dog Deli sooner. I would have switched then and saved myself some frustration, time, and vet trips.”

– Elaine, Winter Park

Locally Made, Gently Cooked, USDA Inspected Food That Your Dog Will Love

  • Real, Human-Grade food for your pet
  • Proprietary recipes, formulated just for your pet
  • Custom Diet Consultations
  • No artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors
  • USDA inspected meats and vegetables
  • Locally-made in Central Florida
  • Quick-frozen to minus 10 degrees to lock in freshness
  • Therapeutic meal offerings for specific health needs
Ingredients used to make Rick's Dog Deli dog food.


We only use foods that are USDA inspected and approved for human consumption. The difference in quality between human-grade foods and pet foods is astonishing. If you knew what was in pet food you wouldn’t feed it to your dog!

Rick's Dog Deli all-natural healthy dog food.


Whole food, species-appropriate diets, balanced by nature. We use real food as part of a wholesome, nutritious diet for your dog. All our diets contain at least 50% USDA inspected proteins and are hand-mixed in the Deli.


Locally Made

We prepare everything to human-grade standards in our open kitchen, quick freeze it to lock in freshness, and deliver it to your door. Want to see how your dog’s food is prepared? Stop by the Deli!

The Benefits Of Our Ingredients



Prevents degenerative disease, improves colon health, and aids diarrhea and constipation.

Broccoli icon


Alkalizes the body, helps treat/prevent disease, and supplies minerals, vitamins, water, antioxidants, enzymes, anti-inflammatory molecules.



Maintains and repairs cells such as skin, hair, muscle, bone and assists with the making of hormones, antibodies, and enzymes.

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Aids in digestion, boosts immunity, and contributes to better eyesight and healthier skin and hair.

Stories & Testimonials


I came across Rick’s Dog Deli in early December 2011, and it has changed my life and the life of my dog!! Karma LOVES her food, and it gives me such joy to see how happy she is when she eats. I never have to worry about dog food recalls anymore, which is a huge relief !! My dog gets so excited when she hears me preparing her food, and she always eats it all up and licks her bowl clean(she NEVER did this with the commercial brand foods). I was very limited with the brands of dog food that I was using before I discovered Rick’s Dog Deli, and my dog was not doing very well on the commercial brand foods, and that ALL changed once we started feeding Rick’s Dog Deli. I get compliments all of the time on how great my dog looks and how soft her coat is-she feels like silk. I am so grateful and thankful for the gang at the deli!!!!! – Dawn and Karma


When my veterinarian told me my yellow Labrador, Sonya, needed to have surgery for the removal of Struvite crystals, I asked for a homeopathic alternative. She had none. As a new first time customer, [Rick’s Dog Deli’s] nutritional knowledge impressed me enough to give it a try. Approximately 6 weeks later, the crystals are gone and no expensive surgery. Thank you to you and your team. – Brian and Sonya


Rick’s Dog Deli became part of our family [after a life changing experience]. When we adopted Bohdan from Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida in October of 2013 his first order from Rick’s Dog Deli was waiting for him in the refrigerator when we brought him home.

He has not eaten commercial food since he came to us and people stop him all the time to comment on his coat and ask “What do you feed him?” We always recommend they contact Rick’s Dog Deli and discuss what the team can do to help better the lives of their Dog’s the way they bettered the lives of ours. – Dennis and J.C. Hammer

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Why I Started
Rick’s Dog Deli

On March 15, 2007, the FDA learned that certain pet foods were sickening and killing cats and dogs. As an owner of two dogs I immediately became concerned. After some research and planning it became apparent optimum animal health is achieved through diet. Simple, whole, and fresh foods in animal diets will provide excellent health benefits for any animal, especially your best friend.

“Government regulations vary greatly between human food and animal food ingredient quality.  Cooking real, human grade food for my dogs seemed like the best way to provide a healthy and happy life for my best friends.”

– Charlie Gunn, Owner

Dog Watching For Delivery

Delivery Options

“As easy as a flower delivery!”

Rick’s Dog Deli is proud to deliver to any address within 20 miles of our College Park location. Delivery charge is a flat-rate fee of $10 on all orders, no minimums necessary! Talk about convenience! At checkout, enter your address to confirm delivery availability. Delivery takes place Thursdays, between noon at 4 PM. All orders need to be placed by Wednesday at 2 PM to qualify for delivery on Thursday.

All orders are available for contact-free pick up at our kitchen located at 2404 Coolidge Avenue Orlando, FL 32804.

  • Allergy Relief Dog Food

    $10.26$46.65 Select options
  • Beef Chewies

    $6.92$19.70 Select options
  • Chicken Bark Dog Treats

    $9.05$24.60 Select options
  • The Bone Dog Treat

    $5.86$12.25 Select options

Jake’s Incredible Testimonial

We discovered Charlie Guns and Rick’s Dog Deli in the Fall on 2012 when our Chocolate Labrador, Jake, was diagnosed with Stage 5 T Cell Lymphoma. As we sought out various treatment options our Vet recommended that changing his diet from a commercial kibble to a fresh diet specifically tailored to his needs would be beneficial.

She recommended Rick’s Dog Deli and we meet with Charlie the next morning to discuss a meal plan for Jake. Over the next several hours we developed a diet, based on Jake’s Vet’s recommendations, that would provide him with the best possible nutrition available and supplement his treatment plan.

We became regulars at the Deli, stopping by every week to make any needed adjustments to Jakes diet based on his condition and how he was responding to treatment.

Charlie worked closely with our Vet the entire time to ensure that we were able to provide Jake with the nutrition he needed for his battle, sometimes making adjustments by the week. Jake’s initial prognosis was 60 days . . . he lived a full life for the next year.

Along the way he defied the odds, sometimes to the amazement of his Oncologist, by LIVING his life to the fullest. His side effects from chemotherapy were minimized and his coat was fuller and more shinny then it was prior to his diagnosis. He remained active and happy to the end and we are convinced that it was due in no small part to Charlie’s efforts and the food he and his team provided Jake along the way.

Charlie and the Deli became part of our family and we will forever be grateful for the extra time we had with Jake, and the quality of his life. When we adopted Bohdan from Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida, in October of 2013, his first order from Rick’s Dog Deli was waiting for him in the refrigerator when we brought him home.

He has not eaten commercial food since he came to us and people stop him all the time to comment on his coat and ask “What do you feed him?” We always recommend they contact Charlie and discuss what he and his team can do to help better the lives of their Dog’s the way he bettered the lives of ours.