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Meal Plans

Custom Meals Based
on the Need
of the Breed.

Welcome to Rick’s Dog Deli. We custom design your dog’s diet based on the history of your dog’s breed. Different breeds of dogs bred in different regions of the world have different nutritional requirements. For example, the Labrador retriever originated in Newfoundland and was later brought to England. The dogs thrived in the wilderness and were excellent hunters. The primary diet for a lab in Newfoundland would have been a diet high in fatty acids such as fish, caribou, and whale fats. The English fed labs diets consisting of poultry, wheat, dairy and fish. After generations of eating these diets labs evolved to thrive on a diet low in carbohydrates and high in fats. At Rick’s we create a diet based on the history of the breed. A basic diet for a lab would consist of chicken, eggs, vegetables, and brown rice.

Let us prepare a custom menu for your dog based on its history along with its individual needs. All breeds have certain unique characteristics and commercial foods designed to feed all breeds sometimes leave out needed ingredients or add unnecessary ones. All of the foods we use at Rick’s Dog Deli are human grade so you can be assured your dog is receiving the same quality ingredients you and I would buy at the grocery store. Free your dog from the problems associated with processed foods. Custom meals will help with allergies, skin conditions, and can greatly reduce the effects of some of the most debilitating diseases. Most of all, our custom meals will allow your pet to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

            What Do I Feed My Dog?

Better Ingredients

How It Works

Finding out what works the best for your dog is a process of trial and error. Every dog is different and getting the perfect formula takes a little time.

Changing Diets

Changing your dog’s diet needs to be done over time. We suggest putting your dog on a strict meal plan for the first six week transitional period. Most dogs will adapt rather quickly to the new diet. It really depends on what your dog was eating and what kind of health issues he or she may be experiencing...

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