front label of carolina pork and beef high energy dog food from Rick's Dog Deli
Feeding instructions for Carolina pork and beef food.
front label of carolina pork and beef high energy dog food from Rick's Dog Deli
Feeding instructions for Carolina pork and beef food.

Carolina Pork & Beef Dog Food

Beef, Pork & Barley


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Carolina Pork & Beef High Energy Dog Food packs a punch with 860 calories per pound to fuel dogs with an active lifestyle. Our high energy dog food is without preservatives, additives, and by-products, so you can rest assured your dog’s food is safe from questionable ingredients.

  • USDA-Inspected Ingredients
  • Prebiotics from Barley Aids Digestion
  • No Sugar Added
  • No Fillers
  • No By-Products
  • Supports Healthy Teeth and Gums

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Why Choose Premium, Human-Grade Dog Food?

For an active dog to perform well, they need a high-calorie diet to meet the caloric demands from training, playing, and other physical activity. Whether or not your dog eats a high quality dog food will determine how much physical activity they can withstand. All dogs need a nutritionally balanced diet that meets their needs. Your active dog will be supported by a diet formulated with more calories to enable them to be energetic all day long. We formulated Carolina Pork & Beef High Energy Dog Food for active dog breeds such as Poodles, Jack Russell Terriers, Miniature Pinschers, Australian Shepards, Huskies, and more. Rick’s Dog Deli takes your pet’s health seriously– that’s why our healthy dog food formula only contains high quality, human-grade ingredients. It is crucial to nourish your high energy or working dog with quality nutrition. Ultimately, the amount of calories your dog will need depends on age, size, and physical activity. When choosing your dog’s food, consider their breed, body composition, and lifestyle.

All Natural Ingredients

Our Carolina Pork & Beef dog food contains the following ingredients.

  • Barley
  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Eggs
  • Beef Liver
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Cauliflower
  • Green Beans
  • Pumpkin
  • Calcium Carbonate


Health Benefits of Carolina Pork & Beef Dog Food

It’s not a secret that dogs on a quality diet are generally more healthy and full of vitality. We offer the best quality dog food in the Orlando area to aid your dog’s digestive health, food allergy sensitivities, and boost their immune system. Here are some of the best reasons to choose Carolina Pork & Beef High Energy Dog Food.

High Calorie Formula for Active Dogs

This healthy dog food formula from Rick’s Dog Deli is perfect for your high energy dog that quickly burns through calories during physical activity. This premium formula will help stretch your dollar when satisfying your high energy dog’s nutritional needs.

Food Allergy Relief

If your active dog suffers from itchy skin or a frequent upset stomach, a food allergy could be the reason. Many people put their dogs on an elimination diet to rule out food allergies. If your dog is on a conventional dog food diet, just switching to a fresh and healthy dog food may improve their symptoms.

Improved Digestion

The importance of human-grade dog food for your pet’s health is often overlooked. The reason why a high quality and healthy dog food is so important is the fact that some dogs are unable to digest ultra-processed kibble properly. Choose a dog food with natural food ingredients to assist your dog in being in the healthiest shape and efficiently absorbing nutrients. Real food that meets human-quality standards is easier on your dog’s stomach.

Radiant Skin and Coat

High quality dog food contains readily available, easy-to-absorb vitamins and minerals that help your dog have healthier skin and a shinier coat.

Real Food Makes a Healthy Dog Food

Feeding processed food for every meal doesn’t sound like a healthy diet, and from a scientific perspective, we know that processed food can lead to poor health outcomes. So why do we feed our pets this way? Rick’s Dog Deli is proud to make healthy dog food with no questionable ingredients. On our mission to offer nutritious and fresh dog food, we formulated blends using the best human-grade quality meats and vegetables. We provide premium quality dog food in Orlando to support your dog’s health and wellness. Dogs typically have more health issues and costly trips to the vet when eating a processed diet. The dry kibble of conventional dog food usually contains by-products and preservatives. Dry kibble uses high heat processing to sterilize the food, but that process results in a loss of nutritional value and flavor. Food additives, synthetic vitamins, and minerals are added back into the ultra-processed food to account for the loss of quality. Rick’s Dog Deli is different because we gently cook your pet’s food to perfection and ensure it meets quality standards. The choice is easy when you compare typical kibble to our dog food. Our dog food is real food and looks like real food as it should– not hard kibble that gets lodged in your dog’s teeth and gums.

Additional information

# of lbs

1 lb, 5 lbs


Barley, Beef Heart, Pork, Eggs, Beef Liver

Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower, Green Beans

Pumpkin, Calcium Carbonate

Guaranteed Analysis

Protein (Crude) 11.80%
Fat (Crude) 9.40%
Fiber (Crude) 1.20%
Moisture 66.30%


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